St. Freud

by Birthday Boy

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Guitar/Vocals: Collin Coviello
Keys/Vocals: Ella Boissonnault
Bass: Victor Pacek
Drums: Mike Costa


released May 31, 2015

Alison Dooley-Concept Art
Alex/Joe at the Crawl Space-Mixing and Mastering
Scorpion Tattoo
Keith and Julie Coviello
Mike Ralston

A big thank you to Josh Croteau for being an inspirational person and a killer songwriter.



all rights reserved


Birthday Boy Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Peace
Habits keep me on the ground,
I’m fine now.
Tell me what I need to hear;
You know me.

And when the thoughts bite my heels
I’ll find my peace of mind

Ask me if I give a fuck
You know me.
I’ll tell you what you need to hear
Don’t hurt me.

Still my eyes meet the ground
My ears explode.
Track Name: Fix
I wait up in my room to get my fix
When it doesn’t come around I get depressed
I didn’t ask for much
And now the shit clogs up my room and my headspace
She’ll never wait for you
Can’t fall in love with loose ends
Track Name: Birthday Boy
It’s your birthday boy don’t you feel older?
Your friends came through don’t you let them slip,
Cuz the world’s got frames that you can’t control,
And the pictures inside tend to scare you off,
Cuz you’re weak and you’re old and there goes another year.

It’s my birthday boy and I feel the same
I sulk at the world from my window sill.
In the time that’s passed I’ve asked myself
If I drink Listerine will I feel alright
But I’m weak and I’m old and there goes another year.

I love my friends but my head still hurts.
Track Name: I'm Fucked
I just wanna open my eyes and see the world and not this nightmare.
Am I gonna wake up or not?

Drugs don't even help anymore.

Too far from death
Too much time left
Too far from death
If I can't be on earth and next to you, so am I gonna wake up or not?
Track Name: Saint Freud
Got blood on my overalls,
My mom helps me out.
Osh Kosh
I fell down the stairs again,
I itched that fucking scratch again.
I broke my tooth

Between my life and a dream

Take off your overalls
Your penis hangs out
Can’t tell if I’m awake or dead.

My eyelids are heavy now
My dad calls me a pussy now
I thought I woke up.
Track Name: Navy Blue
You're covered in Sweet Light, filtered through blankets.
The taste of our love's still warm on my lips,
And your face looks perfect like this;
So close to mine, in the Sweet Light your skin is so cold

But the flame that burns between us, is a beacon to your heart.

No matter the shade no matter the pain.
Track Name: Listen To Me
The grass is green
The mirror is clean
I tighten my grip,
And squeeze the life from you

Words don't mean a thing to me,
But I won't find another one to Listen to Me
Track Name: Flame
You may not know it’s me
I may not know it’s you
You may not know it’s me
I may not know it’s you
But you’ve seen me
And you know me

When the hand you held is lost to you,
And the flame you felt is far away
When the hand you held is lost to you
Just breathe in.

The next time you breathe out
It’s my name it’s the truth
Out of your brains

When the hand you held is lost to you,
And the flame you felt is far away
When the hand you held is lost to you
Just breathe in.
Track Name: Your Band
Your friends don't ask if they got to close,
But believe me I see it and yeah it shouldn't piss me off,
They think they know your face and they think they saw a light.
But they've never felt your feet at night,
And I play in Your Band

I pretend I'm not jealous at all,
But the truth is I'm anxious and I'm hurting my head.
Cuz I worry that you'll leave and I don't know what to say,
And I only have myself to blame.
You know I need you though.
Track Name: Ashamed
My baby loves when I love myself.
She likes when I stay in bed.
I wait naked, then she comes in, and I'm ashamed.

My baby kisses me better.
I'm incomplete
When I'm on my feet
You're my heat
Track Name: Home
Cry for the son you’ve lost
And marvel at the man you’ve made.

I don’t mind, even if it doesn’t make sense

Why I grabbed my stuff and I walked of the lawn
And I sleep in my car just to wake with the fog
And I’m not upset that I’m not coming home.